Benefits to Small Group Intervention:

  • Opportunity to develop positive social interaction skills with peers (e.g. turn taking)
  • Children are frequently motivated to participate in activities with peers
  • Groups are more cost-effective compared with private therapy
  • Participating in a group with peers of similar skill level may boost a child’s self-esteem

Disadvantages to Small Group Intervention:

  • Although individual goals will be addressed, the general outline of lessons are pre-determined
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Individual Assessment & Treatment

Occupational Therapists can provide assessment and treatment for:
* Fine motor skills
* Printing
* Feeding
* Self-care
* Sensory integration
... and more!

Please contact Blooming Abilities to regarding individual assessment and treatment.


Blooming Abilities provides private pediatric occupational therapy services.  Many extended health care plans cover occupational therapy in their policies.  Please check with your provider.  If occupational therapy services are not covered by your insurance provider – Ask for it!  Please ask us how we can support you in advocating for OT coverage.

"The truth is that mastering handwriting sets children up for other learning successes.  Handwriting builds confidence and enhances their ability to communicate."

- Jan Olsen, Occupational Therapist and Founder of Handwriting Without Tears®

Printing/Fine Motor Groups

The goal of our printing groups is to emphasize success for each child and build a sense of confidence when writing. Children will be placed into a group based upon current handwriting skill level after an initial screening and goal setting with parents.

Each 45 minutes group session will include a variety of learning experiences to keep children actively engaged while developing printing and fine motor skills. The small group sessions will run for 8 consecutive Wednesday evenings, led by a registered Occupational Therapist.

The emphasis of each group session will include the skills required for proficiency with writing including motor planning, visual motor skills, fine motor skills and pencil grasp. Multi-sensory and cognitive learning experiences will be based upon the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum, and will include a variety of activities to keep children actively engaged in learning.

Prior to the beginning of the eight week sessions, a FREE parent workshop will be offered to provide education to parents to support effective carry-over of teaching and completing home activities with the child at home.
We are eager and willing to consult with your child’s school team to support effective carry-over of skills and strategies.

NOTE: The next session of groups will begin after Spring Break.  Please call or email TODAY to schedule a screening assessment for your child!

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